In addition to the launch of my blog inspired by the Meetup, Tuesday night saw the Old Crown Pub jam packed with 70 plus people, networking, sharing ideas and advice on blogging, exchanging business cards and soaking up the drinks courtesy of Starbucks.

A blogger’s mecca

This blogger’s mecca, for the new and experienced, held monthly is run by Andy Bargery at different bars around central London. Also a great way to network and get to know different pubs if you’re new to London like me, I seem to notice a trend of getting top floor exclusivity too!

Guest speakers are always featured ranging from representatives from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to Ralph Lauren who discussed their online charity activity for breast cancer – I missed that one! These guest speakers are usually on hand to share their wisdom, online initiatives and best case practices with the group, sometimes also the sponsor (thanks Starbucks for the drinks and the Starbucks VIA instant coffee samples), providing an open bar and sometimes even a competition or two…

A bit educational too

Chris Tradget from (left) and Matt Brown from (right)

Guest speakers: Chris Tradget from (left) and Matt Brown from (right)

This month’s guest speakers featured Matt Brown from and Chris Tradget from Matt talked about the experiences of creating his brain child, the fantastic, featuring all the latest on restaurants, news, arts, events and even fires (you had to be there) and how this was made possible through a network of bloggers and just happening to be there with video camera in hand at the right time should a fire start (yes, you really had to be there). Chris spoke about how we can actually make money from our blogs, which on a quick head count of the room not many of us seem to be doing. That night we were given a brief overview of how affiliate links can be used to make money from blogs. I like the widget where you can create your own fashion statement, share it with the world and that if purchased you earn $$$! Always a bit educational, if only the key points were uploaded somewhere! I think that would also be a great way to drive traffic back to the Meetup page or to Andy’s blog by the way…

My verdict

Andy, thanks for organising this Meetup, this has been a great way to expand my knowledge of blogging, build my network and meet expert bloggers working in the industry. Enjoy my new blog!

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