Whoever said Londoners weren’t kind? Take a look at this campaign where a group of Londoners volunteer their time to campaign for kindness. Great to be involved!

Everyday Acts of Kindness Awards Aug 16th 2009

The group known as The Kindness Offensive (TKO) worked with volunteer actors to set up scenarios where the actors were in need of help, those unsuspecting members of the public who stopped to help were rewarded for their kindness with champagne, flowers, a balloon and of course a gold medal. Volunteers clad in fluorescent vests and construction hard hats to give the celebration a whacky feel, appeared from nowhere and gathered round to cheer and throw a party with streamers and balloons. As a horn blasted a few seconds later, the crowd of volunteers dissipated leaving the surprised helper alone in the street with champagne, flowers, medal and balloon, to ponder their good deeds. This crusade carried on for three consecutive days from August  14 – 16th at different locations in London fueled by all those with a passion for promoting contagious kindness.

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How it all began

TKO began in August 2008 and is the brain child of David Goodfellow and his friends James Hunter, Benny Crane and Calum Teach. It was instigated by an article that David read about an 81 year old who took a fall down the stairs in Holborn Tube Station, hitting his head. By the time a student came to his aid it was too late and sadly he passed away. Upon sharing this article with friends, the Kindness Offensive was formed with the objective of promoting and initiating kindness.

A string of events for no reason other than kindness…

The group called on the support of companies who were keen to help. Armed with this support and the help of friends and anyone else willing to volunteer their time to help the cause, several campaigns helping different groups of people in need have been successfully carried out. Just some of these events include the following:

  • Granting wishes to individuals less fortunate
  • Handing out Christmas food hampers to passers-by in Westminster and Camden
  • Delivering 35 tons of toys to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Save the Children

“Hopefully, The Kindness Offensive will spread throughout the UK and further afield without our involvement. Our message is ‘Be Kind’ – it cost nothing, makes you feel great and cheers people up. “Next time you get the opportunity, just give it a try.” Benny Crane, key member of TKO.

Gathering round for that 'photo moment'

This is definitely a great and fun event to get involved in, if you want to volunteer for the Random Acts of Kindness, visit the website to find out more information and see the photos.


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